After the first sketches, Caterina, the designer and founder of L'Escalet, discusses the feasibility and the particularities of the design with the atelier. Sometimes, a 3D design and print is necessary to evaluate the proportions and have a better idea of the final result.
Once the design is approved, a first prototype is casted in brass or silver with synthetic stones, and will be modified as many times as needed.



Once the desired result is reached, a mould of that piece is made to be able to recreate it. The piece is then casted in 18k recycled gold, set with natural diamonds and stones, finished, polished and cleaned.

The very first piece of a new design is born!



We made the choice to keep little to no stock (the strict minimum for product display at our showroom at during private sales). Our jewellery is made to order to avoid overproduction. This also allows us to constantly renew our designs and offer you the experience of owning a truly unique artisan product, handcrafted only for you with a lot of love and great care in every detail.